FAQ About Crave Brands

Do you have questions about the CRAVE Brand or CRAVE Pet Food? Find your answers here. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, contact us.

Why should I choose CRAVE™
Every dog and cat shares a connection with their ancestors, even the cutest and cuddliest ones. CRAVE dog and cat food is crafted with your pets’ natural desires in mind. CRAVE recipes nourish your pets with a high-protein, grain-free diet. For owners looking to cater to their pet’s instinctual desires, CRAVE recipes make it simple by providing the nutrients for a strong, lean body and energy to chase.
What makes CRAVE™ dog and cat food different from other grocery brands?
As more consumers look for high-quality food at an affordable price and accessible location, CRAVE pet food is a specialty product that is broadly available, giving consumers a convenient and seamless shopping experience.
What are the benefits of feeding my dog or cat CRAVE™ products?
For owners looking to cater to their pet’s instinctual desires, CRAVE recipes make it simple by providing the nutrients for a strong, lean body and energy to chase. CRAVE recipes are crafted with high-quality animal protein and no grains – like the diets of their wolf and wildcat ancestors.
Where are CRAVE™ products sold? How much do they cost?

CRAVE dog and cat food lines are available in-store or online at major retailers such as Amazon, Chewy, Walmart, Kroger, Meijer, Target, Ahold, PetSmart, and more. Suggested retail price ranges for CRAVE Dog Food $11.99-$44.99 dry dog food (4 and 22lb bags) $1.99-$16.69 wet dog food (cans, trays, multipacks)

Suggested retail price ranges for CRAVE Cat Food $7.49-$32.99 dry cat food (2-10lb bags) $1.19-$13.99 wet cat food (PERFECT PORTIONS™ trays, multipacks)

How can I stay connected to the CRAVE™ brand?

For more details on CRAVE dog and cat food, visit www.CravePetFoods.com.

What type of dog food products does the CRAVE™ brand offer?

CRAVE adult dry dog food is available in four recipes: With Protein From Chicken, With Protein from Beef, With Protein From Lamb & Venison, and With Protein From Salmon & Ocean Fish. CRAVE adult wet dog food is also available in a variety of flavors and recipes.


What type of cat food products does the CRAVE™ brand offer?
Will the CRAVE™ brand make dog or cat treats in the future?

The CRAVE brand does not have plans to introduce dog and cat treats at this time.

Will the CRAVE™ brand introduce a puppy and kitten food?

The CRAVE brand launched a dry kitten recipe in 2018.

Why is protein important for my pet’s diet?

Proteins provide essential nutrients used to maintain lean muscle, aid in digestion, provide energy and support a healthy immune system in all animals.

How do I transition my dog or cat to CRAVE™ food?

When feeding CRAVE dog or cat food for the first time or changing recipes, we suggest you blend increasing amounts of the new recipe while decreasing your old pet food for six days.

Do you have coupons?

We know you like to save money - so here are a few tips to help you out! Keep an eye on your local Sunday paper, store circulars and the pet food aisle for periodic promotions. Need another tip? Keep an eye on our website and www.coupons.com. Our team doesn’t have manufacturer’s coupons to send right now.

How many calories and how much fat and protein are in these products?

This varies by product and can be found on the individual product page in the Nutritional Information section.

What does the AAFCO statement mean?

AAFCO is The Association of American Feed Control Officials. The "AAFCO statement of nutritional adequacy " is a statement that indicates the food is complete and balanced for a particular life stage, such as growth, reproduction, adult maintenance or a combination of these. All CRAVE™ Dry Dog recipes are formulated for adult maintenance.

Where are these products made?

All CRAVE™ products are manufactured in our own facilities in North America with the finest ingredients from around the world.

Where do you source your ingredients?

Our ingredients are carefully selected to help support the health and well-being of the pets we feed. For this reason, we're committed to sourcing our ingredients from suppliers located near our manufacturing facilities when possible. Like most other pet food and human food companies, some vitamins and minerals are supplied by our trusted partners in China.

Do you trust your suppliers?

Rest assured we are confident in the ingredient integrity of all of our suppliers because they demonstrate the ability to consistently meet the strict and thorough standards of our own Supplier Quality Assurance program, regardless of where they are located. As a key part of this program, our suppliers undergo quality audits to ensure our expectations are met. We use trusted suppliers that are selected through a rigorous process that doesn't end with our first purchase – we test shipments delivered to our manufacturing facilities to ensure the safety and quality of the ingredients we use.

How much product should I feed my dog/cat/puppy/kitten?

Every pet is different. Our general feeding guidelines are located on the product packaging and on the product pages of our website. These are suggested feeding amounts based on the ideal body condition for dogs and cats of various life stages, sizes and weights. Your individual pet’s energy requirements may differ. If you have additional questions specific to your pet, we recommend you speak with your vet.

Can I send you a picture/video of my pet enjoying your product?

We love to see pictures of the pets we feed! Please share with us on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/cravepetfoods/ or write a review on our website and include a picture of your pet.

Can I feed after expiration date?

We do not recommend feeding product after the expiration date.

What is Dog Food Advisor?

DogFoodAdvisor.com is a third party endorsement recognizing ingredients used by a pet food brand. Created as a public service website, Dog Food Advisor helps pet owners make a more informed decision when buying dog food. Please see https://www.cravepetfoods.com/articles/dog-food-advisor for more information.


All of our wet cat food products are PERFECT PORTIONS products which means each PERFECT PORTIONS tray includes (2) single servings. Give your pet a fresh meal every time with CRAVE PERFECT PORTIONS wet cat food.