Cat Food Nutrition:

Why Meat Must Be
on the Menu

Have you ever watched a show about big cats — tigers, leopards or lions — that didn’t show them enjoying a nice meaty meal? We’ll give you a hint: The answer is no.

  A ginger cat outdoors. 

All cats — wild and domestic — eat meat. And lots of it. Why? Because they’re cats. Or, if you want to get technical, because they’re obligate carnivores, which means they need meat to survive.

Give Your Cats the Nutrients They Need

Cats aren’t adapted to eating a plant-based diet. Meat provides cats with essential nutrients and vitamins that are crucial for their health. Allow us to go into more detail about some of the nutrients only meat can provide.

We Repeat: Feed Them Meat

In short, the reason you’ve never seen a photo of a cougar daintily nibbling on grass while a deer frolics unnoticed in the background is because cats need meat to satisfy their primal instincts and nutritional needs. Lots and lots of meat.