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The Truth about Raw Pet Food Diets

Yes, both Crave™ and raw pet food diets are high in protein. On the surface, raw food might seem like the more ancestral way for your pet to eat.

Nope, sorry, that’s our thing. And we do it a lot better. Here’s the raw truth.

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How Crave™ Outperforms Raw Pet Food


Care for Some Bacteria with That?
When our pets’ ancestors killed a rabbit, it was fresh. Today, that raw meat has to make it from a farm to a processor to a store to your home to your pet. Each step invites foodborne diseases to join the party. That’s why chicken sushi isn’t a thing.

Even the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) discourages uncooked food. And they’ve got the words “American”, “Veterinary” and “Medical” in their name. So we trust what they have to say about pets’ health.

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A Kitchen Disaster
More mess. More dishes. More food taking up space and going bad in your fridge. Just some of the joys of preparing a raw food diet for your cat or dog. Crave™ is always ready, is easy to serve and store, and has a longer shelf life. It’s the clear winner here, unless you like doing extra dishes. If so, come over to our place.


Avoid Bones and Choking Hazards
Bones make great handles for meat. In raw pet food, however, they pose a danger. They can splinter, damaging pets’ teeth and digestive systems. Both are things pets sort of need to survive.

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Vitamin BS
It takes more than meat to keep pets in top shape. Crave™ is also packed with the essential nutrients and minerals they need. Raw food? Who knows? There’s no set standard. Could have too little of some, or dangerous levels of others. Unless your doctorate is in Animal Nutrition, you might want to stick with Crave™.


A Protein Punch That Doesn’t Hit Your Wallet
With raw food, you also get to pay a lot more for all that mess and inconvenience. The risk of spoilage and waste makes it even more pricey. Plus, who doesn’t love the smell of rotting meat in the trash? To sum up: Unless you you’re hosting a pack of gazelles in your backyard for your pet to hunt and eat fresh, Crave™ is the clear winner.