High Protein Cat Food: CRAVE™ Protein-Rich Cat Food

High protein cat food is important for providing your pet with essential nutrients for muscle development, aiding in digestion, providing energy and supporting healthy immune systems. During digestion, the body breaks down dietary protein into amino acids. Different species have different daily requirements for amino acids. Cats need more protein than dogs or humans.


Dietary Sources of Protein for Cats

Not all protein sources are equal.  Real meat, while highly palatable, is lower in protein density than meat meal. Meat meal is a concentrated protein source derived from cooking away water and some of the fat from real meat. Plant protein is made by removing the starch components of either grains or vegetables. Plant proteins are highly digestible and rich in some essential amino acids to provide a complementary amino acid profile to animal proteins. Providing this kind of protein-rich cat food to your pet is an excellent way to maintain their health and energy.

Meat First Crave Cat Food

With 40% protein, CRAVE™ high-protein cat food is inspired by a cat's natural diet. Real meat is the first ingredient and these protein-rich cat food recipes provide cats with energy and support lean bodies. Find the CRAVE™ cat food that is right for your cat.